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Whether hiking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, jogging, fishing, camping, etc. - the requirements for the light source can be completely different depending on the leisure activity. It is advisable to agree in advance about the demands on the product and its functions.


We offer a clear range of lighting solutions for your outdoor activities. You should ask yourself the following questions:


Do I need a headlamp or flashlight?

The choice of the right lamp depends on the application. If I need my hands free, I will choose a headlamp. If I need a lot and a flexible light, it most probably will be a flashlight. Also can I easily upgrade a flashlight with a white signal cone into a lantern.

A compact hand-flooder can also be an interesting alternative for outdoor activities (bouldering, camping, etc.):

NORDRIDE 2044 SLIM POWER_Bouldern.jpg
How much light do I need?

In the dark, 50 lumens are already bright and are sufficient for reading or illuminating the surrounding area. But if I want to be able to see into the distance, I quickly need 400 lumens and more. A focus also bundles the light for me. There are also various light functions such as dimming, red light, strobe, SOS, etc.

ATTENTION: A lot of light also requires significantly more battery power, what also immediately will reduce the lighting time.

Which tightness / IP protection is necessary?

The tightness of a luminaire is indicated by the IP degree of protection . The first number indicates the protection of a product against the ingress (dust, dirt, etc.) and the second number indicates the resistance to water. A protection of at least IP54 is recommended for an outdoor product. From IP65 you are safe, even in rain and moisture.

Regenwolken Gebirge
What do I look for in the light cone / light angle?

A homogeneous and even cone of light is fundamentally important. Lens technology is mostly used to achieve this. A wide light angle illuminates the surroundings well, a narrow light angle guarantees light range. The light can be bundled individually through a focus .

Why a red light on headlamps?

Especially with headlamps, red light is also used outdoors. This ensures less glare in the close-up range (e.g. running, reading a map, cooking, etc.) due to the lower contrast range and the deliberately shorter range. Alsothe night vision of the eye is preserved, since the iris contracts less (5096 ACTIVE PRO R/5070 SCOUT)

5070 NORDRIDE SCOUT_Boating Rotes LED_Logo.jpg
What is an anti-glare function?

With modern headlamps such as the ACTIVE SMART R, a glare protection mode can be selected. A sensor then automatically reduces the luminosity in the event of direct glare. This can be of great advantage when working with headlamps or in direct glare from traffic, etc.

With rechargeable batteries or batteries?

Both variants have their strengths and weaknesses. Many flashlights and headlamps run on AA or AAA batteries. The advantage is that they can be changed quickly and easily and are available everywhere. A rechargeable battery, in turn, guarantees more power, constant light and is kind to the environment. If you want to take advantage of both energy sources, you should choose a hybrid product. In addition to the rechargeable battery, these can also be operated with batteries in an emergency.


Which accessories for flashlights and headlamps?

The use and the resulting needs are decisive. However, it is also worth considering the availability of replacement components and accessories when choosing a product. These considerations can be:

  • Do I need a spare battery/rechargeable battery?

  • Are consumables available? (e.g. holster, rechargeable batteries, etc.)

  • Are there signal cones?
    PS: The white signal cones in particular are popular outdoors to give the torch a lantern effect. (please referArt. 1177 Signal cone WHITE)

  • Are mounting brackets available for the headlamps?
    This allows a headlamp to be fixed to the bike helmet in just a few simple steps (Art. 1163 helmet clip)

1163 Helmclip zu ACTIVE PRO R_Fahrradhelm.jpg
Is my product sustainable?

When it comes to impulse purchases, sustainability is often forgotten. We consider it important that a NORDRIDE quality product can be repaired to a reasonable extent.

Whenever possible, we always offer our products as a set (batteries, charger, USB cable, holster, etc.). We also guarantee that we will have spare parts in our range over a long period of time (See Accesories).

NORDRIDE Outdoor Products
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