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Crane lighting

New LED crane lighting illuminates the workplace in a new dimension. Optimized crane lighting brings more safety, reduces light pollution, is easy to install (240V) and is more economic to operate.

Lighting zones construction crane

We subdivide the following zones:


  • Zone 1: Loading zone
    In this zone it is important to have enough light to handle loading quickly and safely.

  • Zone 2: delivery zone boom
    The crane's delivery zone is also an important source of lighting for the construction site.

Beleuchtungszonen Kran & Baustellenbeleuchtung

Main illumination (zone 1 & 2)

Probably the most important spotlight for illuminating the construction site. Depending on the construction site, this moves in height and is often used between 20 - 40m. We recommend an average light angle of 60 °. This means that different heights can be ideally covered.



Too wide a light beam needs a much greater power to achieve the same effect. For this reason we recommend two 400 - 600W spotlight units with a 60 ° light angle. At high altitudes (> 50m) a 30 ° lens at most. We would be happy to support you with the lighting planning.

Kranbeleuchtung Mast Symmetrisch NORDRIDE

Zone 1 with mast lighting (low position)
A deep installation position of the spotlights results in more efficiency and reduced light pollution. Asymmetrical spotlights are particularly suitable for this. These radiate the light away from the assembly point in the direction where it is needed. (NORDRIDE FIELD LIGHT Asymmetric)

Kran Beleuchtungszone Mast Asymmetrisch Baustellenbeleuchtung NORDRIDE

Zone 1 boom lighting

Depending on the loading area, we recommend a floodlight from the boom, which always moves to the loading area. Due to the height, a powerful asymmetrical spotlight with a reduced light angle (15 - 30 °) is used to bring as much light as possible onto the floor.



Note that when the light turns, the shadow moves with it, which can be irritating when working on construction sites. For this reason, good basic lighting from the mast is highly recommended .




Kranbeleuchtung Ausleger Baustellenbeleuchtung NORDRIDE

Safety lighting crane boom

In the vicinity of airports, hospitals and flight paths, it is imperative that the alignment of the boom is visible. In addition to a position light, we recommend illuminating the boom with a robust light strip.

Die VIPER LEDhas proven itself for some time as an ideal and easy-to-install emergency lighting. The standard length of 25m can be flexibly extended and adapted to the boom length. The robust construction and the IP65 protection guarantee use in difficult weather conditions.

Beleuchtung Kranausleger Sicherheit Helikopter NORDRIDE VIPER LED
Light planning construction crane & construction site

Experience is always helpful. Test lighting can also be used to quickly evaluate which type of spotlight is most suitable.

However, especially when switching from older systems such as discharge pressure lamps to LEDs, lighting planning can be of useful help. In addition, it provides information on whether the guide values according to EN 12464-2 (lighting of workplaces in the open) have been achieved. We are happy to support you!

Lichtplanung Kranbeleuchtung NORDRIDE V1
Lichtplanung Kranbeleuchtung NORDRIDE V2
Lux Taballe Baustelle.jpg
Requirements for crane floodlights

Luminaires and floodlights on construction cranes are heavily exposed to the weather and pollution. For this reason, they must be of good quality and made of sturdy and durable materials.

  • Protection class IP65 - and larger
    Guarantees protection against the ingress of dirt and water. (see IP protection classes )
    PS: Good IP protection also enables easier cleaning.

  • Robust construction
    A shock resistance level of IK10 is recommended for very exposed floodlights.

  • Stable when standing and assembling
    We recommend a well screwed fastening with fall protection for the light sources.

  • Color rendering CRI / Ra> 70
    CRI / Ra 60 and smaller tire the eyes, warning signs and signal colors no longer come into their own.

  • Light control
    Beam direction and beam angle are decisive for optimal illumination and reduction of glare. Modern LED spotlights have different optical solutions - let us advise you.

  • Safe and versatile cabling
    A water and dirt-proof connection must be guaranteed. Also, the pulling of longer power cables must not be neglected (strain relief!).
    Due to the installation at a great height, a well-prepared connection is of great help. In addition to the simple installation, an additional output for connecting another spotlight is advantageous.

  • Shadow formation
    Multi-sided illumination reduces shading and glare.
    A light source mounted at a low height has a dazzling effect. In this case, an asymmetrical light source is recommended.

  • Sustainability and accessories
    High requirements can lead to product wear and tear. For this reason, it is important that quality products can also be repaired. NORDRIDE guarantees to have spare parts in its range over a long period of time.

Crane quality floodlights
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