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Light for construction sites

In principle, the requirements for the minimum values ​​for illuminance levels on construction sites are not as high as for industrial workplaces, since the work often only takes place for a few hours in one place. However, on the part of occupational safety, it is essential to ensure optimal light.


Work surfaces, scaffolding, stairs, shafts and corridors / escape routes must be illuminated accordingly. In the case of the temporary light installation, care must also be taken to ensure that no unfavorably falling shadows arise. These dark areas often become accident black spots.


If an accident at work occurs when there is insufficient or no lighting, this may have consequences under insurance law.


It has been proven that optimized construction site lighting leads not only to safety but also to an increase in efficiency on the building site.

Requirements for the construction illuminaiton

Luminaires and floodlights on construction sites are heavily exposed to the weather and pollution. For this reason, they must be of good quality and made of sturdy and durable materials.

  • Protection class IP65 - and larger
    Guarantees protection against the ingress of dirt and water. (see IP protection classes)
    PS: Good IP protection also enables easier cleaning.

  • Robust construction
    We recommend a shock resistance level of at least IK07 for construction lights. IK10 is suitable for very exposed floodlights.

  • Stable when standing and assembling
    Vibrations and weather influences (wind, snow & cold) can cause construction lights to fall down or fall over. We recommend a well-screwed fastening, non-slip feet or even securing the light sources.

  • Color rendering CRI / Ra> 70
    CRI / Ra 60 and smaller tire the eyes, warning signs and signal colors no longer come into their own. Thus, a color rendering of> 70 must always be ensured.

  • Light control
    Beam direction and beam angle are decisive for optimal illumination and reduction of glare. Modern LED spotlights have different optical solutions. Let us advise you.

  • Safe cabling
    A dirt and water-protected construction spotlight is only as safe as it is connected to the mains.

  • Shadow formation
    Multi-sided illumination reduces shading and glare. A light source mounted at a low height has a dazzling effect and leads to strong shadows, which also affects the workflow.

  • Sustainability and accessories
    High requirements can lead to product wear and tear. For this reason, it is important that quality products can also be repaired.
    NORDRIDE guarantees to have spare parts in its range over a long period of time (accessories) .

Guide values for construction sites lighting

The standard EN 12464-2 "Lighting of outdoor workplaces" is used as a reference.

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Lighting products for construction
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