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Light for industry and workshops

Good light is the basis for concentrated, healthy and performance-oriented work.

For this reason, light is becoming more and more important in industry. In addition to the interesting effect of reducing costs, the factor of occupational safety and health is becoming increasingly important.


In the manufacturing industry, the supply of daylight is already restricted by the building construction (high ceilings, missing windows, etc.). The lack of daylight is also exacerbated by night working hours or shading.


Coordinated lighting solutions guarantee good results and are a decisive quality factor.

Why LEDs in hall and workshop lighting?

In some cases, it is sufficient to replace existing light sources with so-called LED retrofits in the form of lamps in order to reduce operating costs.
In order to use all the advantages of LED lighting technology, a fundamental renovation is usually the better and more sustainable solution.

  • economics
    High energy efficiency and a long service life directly reduce running costs.

  • Less maintenance
    With LED technology, maintenance intervals can be significantly extended. There is also less pollution from insects, as LEDs hardly attract insects due to their low UV & IR radiation.

  • Robust construction
    LED lights are less sensitive to knocks and vibrations

  • Satisfied employees
    Coordinated and good lighting conditions at the workplace guarantee satisfied employees. The result is greater work efficiency.

  • sustainability
    LED lights with high-quality components enable an average service life of lighting systems of over 10 years. Quality products are also easier to repair.

Environmental conditions

In industry there are many different areas of application with just as different environmental conditions. The material, properties and construction of the lighting should be adapted accordingly.


  • Foreign body protection
    In many applications there are particles in the air that can occur during production. Smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces are recommended. The first digit of the IP protection category (IP 6 X) indicates how large particles can be without being able to penetrate the luminaire.

  • Protection from moisture
    The second code number of the IP protection category (IPX 5 ) defines the moisture protection of the luminaire. In the case of applications with steam or frequent cleaning with water and steam cleaners, the luminaires must have a high degree of protection.

  • Fire protection
    Dust and chips can be deposited on luminaires and lead to a fire hazard if the surface temperature is too high. The D marking regulates the surface temperatures on luminaires for fire-endangered locations.


As a basis for good planning, it is advisable to consider the standard EN 12464-1 lighting of workplaces in the interior . The standard defines the illuminance (lux) of the corresponding work activity, taking into account visual performance and visual comfort.

Factsheet Lichtplanung & Beleuchtungsstaerke.jpg
Lighting design

An optimally lit work environment is essential for fast and safe work in workshops or industrial rooms. The lighting should provide sufficient light and be energy efficient.

Therefore, lighting planning is highly recommended. We would be happy to support you!

Lighting products for industry and workshops
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