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Light planning

Each type of job has different lighting requirements. A lighting plan helps to determine the right product for the right lighting.

Standard EN 12464-1 (lighting of indoor workplaces) or EN 12464-2 (lighting of outdoor workplaces) is recommended as a basis for good planning. The standard defines the illuminance (lux) of the corresponding work activity, taking into account visual performance and visual comfort.

  • Garage / Parking 75lx

  • Agriculture 200lx

  • Storage rooms 100lx

  • Office 500lx

  • Production 300 - 500lx

  • Service & Repair 300 - 500lx

  • Assembly & detail work 500 - 750lx

  • Fine work 750 - 1000lx

Lichtplanung Sandstrahlanlage POWER DISC 100W
Arbeitlicht Installation NORDRIDE 4510 POWER DISC 100W

Example sandblasting shopfloor ( NORDRIDE Art. 4510 POWER DISC 100W )

Factsheet Lichtplanung & Beleuchtungsstaerke.jpg
My lighting design



We are happy to help with the appropriate calculation of the required light. For an initial assessment, we need information about the work activity and the room dimensions:


Thanks very much! The message was sent.

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