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UVC Disinfection

PIURO - disinfection with UVC rays

Clean with light!


Irradiation with UVC is a particularly effective method for sterilization, disinfection and odor control. With the PIURO brand, we offer UVC solutions for air disinfection and surface disinfection, without the use of chemicals.

UVC Luftreinigung PIURO CLEAN-UVC 80W

The application of UV radiation against pathogenic micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi has been used for a long time. The UV-C radiation is able to kill bacteria and viruses. The areas of application of UV-C radiation are surface disinfection, room air disinfection or water treatment.


The effectiveness of the disinfection UV-C radiation depends on the dose. The irradiance must be sufficiently high and the irradiation time adjusted accordingly in order to be able to kill microorganisms and viruses.


With PIURO we offer safe UVC disinfection solutions for:

  • Air / aerosols

  • surfaces

  • Objects

PIURO Produkte Übersicht und Anwendung
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