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Rechargeable floodlight with motion detector and alarm functions

  • Light function with three luminosity levels
    300lm / 650lm / 1300lm
  • Light function with motion detector
    Dual Sensor PIR & Radar
  • Strobe alarm function
    The strong glare, combined with flashing light, alarms, disorients and deceives.
  • Alarm signal function
    The loud and shrill signal is a deterrent.
  • Combined strobe & alarm signal
    Double the effect with a combination of visual and acoustic alarms.
  • Uniform illumination (lens technology)
  • Dust and water protected (IP67)
  • Can be charged while in use

Prepared for supply via solar panel
- IP65 USB-C charging socket
- Overcharge and discharge protection system

Battery level and charge indicator

  • Folding bracket with integrated magnet
  • Includes: USB-C Cable & Charger
  • ATTENTION: NORDRIDE Protection Series - the product is not suitable for children. See manual / operating instructions.
  • EAN 7640128952992

2215 GUARD 15W

SKU: 2215
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