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4440 BEAM 400W

NORDRIDE 4440 BEAM 400W_front side
NORDRIDE 4440 BEAM 400W_side
NORDRIDE 4440 BEAM 400W_back
4440 BEAM 400W NORDRIDE_Kran1_schmal
NORDRIDE 4420, 4430 & 4440 BEAM_Anschlus


4440 Spec Icons.jpg
4440 Spec Icons.jpg

Modular high-performance LED spotlight for comprehensive lighting solutions where performance and durability count.

application areas

Industry, mast lights, apron lighting, infrastructure lighting, crane lighting, cable cars, lift systems, etc.​​


product features


  • High quality components

  • High luminous efficiency (140lm/W)

  • 1..10V dimming compatible (MEAN WELL driver)

  • neutral white (5000K)

  • Robust design (IK08)

  • Dustproof and waterproof (IP67)

  • Temperature resistant (-40°C to 50°C)

  • Lens technology (60° as basic variant, 30°/60°/90° modularly adaptable)

  • Easy installation thanks to waterproof connection socket

  • Angle grid for precise setting of the rotation angle

  • Corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum housing

  • EAN 7640128981206

4420, 4430 & 4440_Katalog Icon.jpg

Fact Sheet 4440


1209 Blendschutz BEAM_web S.JPG

Article 1209

Glare protection BEAM

1222 Safety Kit BEAM V1.jpg

Article 1222

Safety Kit BEAM

1240 Adapter 30mm zu Normzapfen_web.jpg

Article 1240

Adapter for spotlight mounting on 30mm standard pin

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